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Olmec FM training league logoIf you like Champ Manager or Football Manager games, then you may like ODFL.
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ODFL is the development and training league for new coaches joining the SOS-SOCCER-MANAGER Leagues

New Manager FAQ
Here you will learn how to use the website and play the game.  Mentors are on hand to answer emails, support and guide you thru the basics.
Once you have completed 'basic training' you will be eligible to join a fully competitive SOS-SOCCER-MANAGER League.

Newcastle trading...
Kev Welford (LIV)
(Fri Feb 12)
Trade: BAY - NEW...
Commissioner (ZZZ)
(Fri Feb 12)
Trade: CHE - NEW...
Commissioner (ZZZ)
(Fri Feb 12)
Trade: ARS - NEW...
Commissioner (ZZZ)
(Wed Feb 10)
Trade: WER - ARS...
Commissioner (ZZZ)
(Wed Feb 10)
Low trade offers...
Lewis Creasey (ARS)
(Wed Feb 10)

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Season 12 of ODFL runs Jan 2016 to May 2016

For more info see the: WIKI information page 

Dates of matches: click here

Normally there are TWO matches each Monday and another TWO matches each Friday.

Player auctions ran Wednesday @ 19:00 hrs GMT.

 Kev Welford 
 1 Seasons
 W  D  L  % 
 29  12  23  0.547 
 Trophy Cabinet 
 Golden Boot
Division 1
Robert Lewandowski BAY6  
Arturo Vidal BAY5  
Mathieu Flamini ARS4  
Anders Andersson FEY4  
Christian Benteke LIV3  
Empty Handed - Tim Batth (MCY)

Fools rush in..... - Alisdair Gibson (SEV)

Re: Valencia form - Steve Turner (VAL)

Valencia form - Dileep Rao (AND)

[SPOILER] Valencia - Steve Turner (VAL)

A basket case? - Alisdair Gibson (SEV)

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What is your opinion of FA cup in England ?

Poll Choices:
  • Oldest and greatest comp in world
  • Big teams rest big players now
  • Needs Champ League place for winners
  • other (please specify)

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 Player of the Year
Division 1
Chris Mullock WER4  
Cesc Fabregas CHE3  
Lukas Flappyhandski LEV3  
Chris Woods BRU3  
Paul Gasgoigne NEW3  
Season 12 Trades: 12
For Trade: 2/17 DM 
- 350-400k offers invited
[Kev / Liverpool]

For Trade: 2/22 MF 
- 500-600k offers invited
[Kev / Liverpool]

For Trade: 2/19 WG 
- 500k
[Matthew / Chelsea]

For Trade: 2/21 FW 
- 600k
[Matthew / Chelsea]

For Trade: 3/19 DF 
- 400k
[Robert / Bayern Munich]

For Trade: 2/21 DF 
- 500 - 600k
[Lewis / Arsenal]

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