SOS Soccer Manager
SOS Soccer Manager Leagues
On-Line American Soccer League
On-Line American Soccer LeaguePlay on line Soccer game based around American football teams using the online Olmec software.

In the On-Line American Soccer League (OASL), 24 managers compete in 2 divisions of 12 teams for the league titles Season 14 sees the addition of a Youth Team Division 3 of 24 Teams, plus 3 cup competitions the Al Sellers Cup and Steve Turner Trophy.(From season 11 we have a new Cup The Al Sellers Consolation Plate.
OASL is now in its 12th season

Current Status: Season 17 / Session 35   
SOS CupThis is the elite competition where representatives from each of the 3 Full SOS Soccer Manager Leagues compete in a tournament to find the champion of champions
Current Status: Season 10 / Session 9   
ODFLODFL stands for Online Development Football League. The ODFL is a training league where new coaches take part in a system that teaches the basics of how to play in SOS Online Football Manager. You will be handed the reigns of a team and a mentor will guide you through a basic boot camp. Once you complete basic training you will wait for an opening in one of the full league set ups. The transition from the 'ODFL' to a full league should be smooth. You will normally relinquish your 'ODFL 'team and start your new job with a fully fledged and fully competitive side. Your 'ODFL' team will then become available for the next new coach to come through the ranks.
Current Status: Season 12 / Session 8   
Scottish Email Soccer League
Scottish Email Soccer LeagueOriginally a Play By Email Soccer game based around Scottish football teams. Free to play and established for over 17 years. Now a founding member of SOS-SOCCER-MANAGER using the online software written by Al Sellers. In the Scottish Electronic Soccer League (SESL), 48 managers compete in 3 divisions of 16 teams for the league titles, plus 2 cup competitions the CECIL Cup and SESL Cup. Running for over 17 years, SESL is about to begin its 34th season and remarkably some original managers still remain! FREE to play.
Current Status: Season 36 / Session 1   
Sanctuary Football League SL
Sanctuary Football League SLOn-Line Soccer game using the same software as SESL & OASL but with Unique Hidden Maximum Skill Levels for all players.
In the Sanctuary Football League Super League (SFLSL), 32 managers compete in 2 divisions of 16 teams for the league titles, plus 2 cup competitions the McBride Cup and SFLSL Cup.

SFLSL is now in its 17th season and remarkably some original managers still remain!
Current Status: Season 24 / Session 3   
What Is SOS Soccer Manager?
SOS Soccer Manager is a community of online football management leagues where people just like you put their football management skills and talent to the test against other likeminded individuals.
How Much Does It Cost to play?
SOS Soccer Manager Runs in real time and is FREE to play and needs NO software installed on your PC. You play via your internet browser and enter lineups...Formation..Coaching..Training..Tactics Instructions, propose transfer offers and enter auction bids to buy players online.
How Are The Games Run?
A custom simulator is used to run all matches in SOS Soccer Manager. It creates an abundance stats helping a manager decide what his teams best formation may be, or best team tactic to use. In SOS Soccer Manager the 'behind the scenes' calculations are upfront for you to study along side the statistics to help you make your next move. .
When Do The Games Run?
Each league runs a slightly different schedule with most league matches occuring at weekends and cup matches midweek. Most leagues endeavour to operate two full seasons each calendar year.
Then, when you think you have conquered your league you will then compete in the inter league SOS CUP. This is the elite competition where all the division and cup winners from each of the SOS Soccer Manager leagues compete in a tournament to find the Champion of Champions. .
Do I Need To Install Any Software?
Absolultey Not! SOS Soccer Manager is all online. Everything from bidding in auctions, submitting lineups, match reporting, journalling and blogging is all carried out through SOS Soccer Manager's website interface. This also allows you to manage you team on the move through the use of smartphones like the iPhone or Android. While there is no mobile application to play the game, the website operates perfectly on mobile devices.
How Do I Join?
Coaches who sign up will be added to the waiting list in our training league named the Online Development Football League (ODFL). Here you will go through a boot camp in preparation for taking on the responsibiity of a team in one the the leagues. Our leagues do not run concurrently so openings may appear throughout the calendar year. When you sign up we ask for a few details like a valid e-mail address so we are able to make contact with you, a headshot photo 100 x 100px jpeg format for your team page. Turnaround to get set up on the ODFL is very fast. (We do not share your e-mail address with anyone outside SOS Soccer Manager).